St. Paul Arms


Brookline, MA

Products Used

Ring Pole Scaffold, Debris Netting

Services Used

Erect and Dismantle Service, Scaffolding Rental


In June, 2016, Knollmeyer Building Corp contacted Seacoast Scaffold about staging St. Paul Arms in Brookline, MA. St. Paul Arms is a 40 unit residential space that was in need of some basic repair and maintenance. That maintenance included brick repointing, replacing windows and trim, as well as painting where necessary. The scope of the job required that Seacoast attack the erection of scaffold in multiple phases, working our way around the building.

Objectives Included:

  • To create a safe working structure with multiple deck levels that would allow Knollmeyer’s workers access to work on the building.
  • Following all OSHA guidelines in creating the structure to not only make it safe for Seacoast employees while erecting the scaffold, but also for Knollmeyer’s employees, any sub-contractors, and for pedestrians using the sidewalk around the building.


Phase One included the courtyard and garage areas on St. Paul Street itself, as well as the front right and left of the courtyard. This phase included 174 linear feet of scaffold going to heights between 52′ and 65′ for the courtyard and garage areas. The left and right of the courtyard also needed another 80 linear feet, rising to heights of 52′ and 65′. Six to eight deck levels were included, 3’6″ wide with steel plank and safety rails. For pedestrian safety, overhead protection was created using 4×8 plywood. The protection was created for both the entryway to the building, and for garage access. Debris netting was also used on the front of the building to help protect against anything falling to the street and sidewalk below.

Phase Two included the rear courtyard, which called for 120 linear feet rising to heights between 40′ and 52′. This setup also included six to eight deck levels and safety rails. Phase Three would cover the Sewell Ave side of the building, as well as its back. This required 134 linear feet of scaffold rising to 52′. Phase three also required debris netting for safety. Phase Four, which constituted the backside of the building facing Beacon Street, required 50 linear feet of staging, rising to a height of 40′.

Approach Included:

  • Safety! From fully decked plank levels and guardrails set at the desired heights, to providing debris netting and overhead protection. Safety for our scaffold erectors, Knollmeyer’s people and any pedestrians who may walk past, or under the scaffold was Seacoast’s top concern. For Seacoast’s employees, this included wearing all proper PPE: gloves, safety glasses, steel-toe boots and a harness to tie off with.
  • To design and erect multiple sound structures over four phases that would be safe and efficient for working on.
  • To work phase to phase, building one section of the staging at a time, as needed and directed.


Once each phase was finished, workers were able to start in on their various jobs. Numerous sub-contractors were used to do the repointing of brick work, replacing windows and trim, and painting. Deck levels were placed where requested, with all working levels railed off for safety. Outside of the erection of the scaffold, there were things happening behind the scenes and in the offices as well. Change Orders were submitted to change the scope of work a few times, as Knollmeyer needed to continue adding to what was initially built. We were able to acquiesce to all of Knollmeyer’s needs, which has resulted in more current and future work between the two companies.