Frame and Brace
Scaffolding & Accessories

Fabricated frame and brace scaffolding are the most common type of scaffold because they are versatile, economical, and easy to use. They are frequently used in one or two tiers by residential contractors, painters, etc., but their modular frames can also be stacked several stories high for use on large-scale construction jobs.

Also referred to as sectional scaffold, our systems can accommodate and be erected with many useful accessories. In New England, look no further than Seacoast Scaffold for all your Frame and Brace Scaffold systems and accessories. We stock a wide variety of accessories including:

  • climbing ladder, ladder handrail, ladder starter bar
  • guard rail, guardrail post, guardrail end panel
  • putlog, putlog hanger, putlog spreader frame
  • scaffold casters, base plate, swivel base plate, curved base plate
  • scaffold screw jack, jack stem
  • hoist arm, well wheel, outrigger bracket
  • carpenter wall bracket, wall bracket post, scaffold chimney bracket (pair)
  • scaffold stairways, stairway starter bar, handrails (outside or inside)

Please contact us to allow one of our Scaffolding experts assist you in determining the best possible application for your project.