Fraco Mast Climbers available from Seacoast Scaffold

December 15, 2017

Seacoast Scaffold is an authorized distributor for Fraco mast climbers. This exciting new product line offers versatility in the equipment offered at Seacoast, and huge potential for increased productivity on the job site. The FRSM-20K work platform is safe, sturdy and has the capacity for mid to large-scale job sites and are ideal for projects below 80 feet. However, the product can shine when it needs to reach higher altitudes.

The FRSM-20K work platform can reach 45 feet in height as a free-standing unit as a single mast unit, with a length of 47’6” and a carrying capacity of 10,000lbs. The platforms are 5’10” wide, which gives plenty of space for crew and equipment, aiding in expediting productivity on the jobsite. The platform has a lifting speed of 7 feet per minute. If necessary, a double mast platform can reach 127’ in length.

Mast Climbers scaffold solutions by Seacoast Scaffold

Mast climbers are ideal for larger projects because they require a smaller footprint than traditional frame and brace or ring pole staging. Erection and dismantle time is also cut down, meaning money can be saved on the project by using a mast climber over traditional staging. With erection time being cut down, workers can get onto the platform and begin work sooner.

Mast Climbers scaffold solutions by Seacoast Scaffold

Seacoast Scaffold is very excited about the opportunity to bring Fraco mast climbers to our customers. If you think that they could work on your upcoming project, please submit a request for quote through the website, or contact one of our branches. We would be more than happy to have a salesperson come out and take a look at your project and see if mast climbers would be right for you!