Seacoast News

Scaffold for Home Siding Repair on the Ocean

We often get calls from homeowners and contractors after storms looking for scaffold to help gain access to siding on upper levels of their house. Usually we don’t need to check the local tide charts to plan our staging setup, but with a branch on the coast of Maine this wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time we do.


Suspended Scaffold – Swing Stage Access Solutions

When a job requires getting to extreme heights and system or frame scaffold isn’t practical or cost effective, suspended scaffold (also known as swing stage) may be the equipment for your job. There’s no doubt you’ve seen swing stage before, usually on high-rise buildings for maintenance, painting or window washing.


Masonry Scaffold – Mason Frames & Step Frames Explained

Masonry scaffold or bricklayer scaffolding are common industry terms that refer to our popular Frame and Brace scaffolding. This the most common type of scaffold used by contractors of all types, from carpenters and masons to the homeowner on his weekend project. It’s easy to set up and dismantle and allows you to get to the height you need fairly quickly.